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ShnUpdate - Tzuf 20.05.21

Shalom everyone,

Shavuot has passed and we were unsuccessful in finding any cheesecake this holiday, but still managed to form strong bonds as we got to know our new friends from South America even better. When we weren’t sleeping the day away, we found time to properly celebrate this Shavuot with an exciting team-building peulah run by our very own shnatties, Lily and Evie. The two brought spirit and positivity when getting our blood pumping as we raced across the field, and our brains thinking about every song with a colour in the lyrics. After the physical and mental challenges, we were rewarded with cake and whipped cream.

We started our machon classes on Tuesday, so it has been our favourite combo of late nights and early mornings - it’s like high school all over again! We’ve had sessions on topics that ranged from the different groups that make up Israeli society, to what it means to be a madrich in a youth movement of today. Our beloved Orit welcomed us to our first session of Yom Tnua (Movement Day) with a self-reflecting peulah and concluded with sushi-making and a delicious round of haikus on vine leaves.

Our quest to become somewhat fluent in the Hebrew language began today. For some, it was better than expected, while others were stuck between the miscommunication of Hebrew and Spanish banter, which was still quite entertaining. Our laomek sessions (in-depth projects) were put on hold today, due to the situation in Jerusalem at the moment, but our spirits are still strong and we intend to carry on the rest of this week with the same positive energy we’ve been receiving from those around us here at Machon.

Until next time

Ghaim, Netzer SA


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