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ShnUpdate- Shnat Tzuf- 30.9.21

Weekly update by Ghaim Atash- Netzer South Africa

Last week Wednesday, the SA and Aussie Netzer shnatties, along with our friends from Project TEN, went to Old Akko for a day of touring and site-seeing, as well as experiencing the Akko Festival. The person in charge of our program here at Harduf, Faiz, took us on the full Akko experience. We went on an incredible speedboat adventure across the Akko beach, ate malabi puddings and shawarma from the local restaurants.

From Thursday onwards, most of our friends left for the sukkot break and only returned the following Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Sunday, we took a day trip to Haifa where we met up with the rest of our Netzer shnatties as they were returning from their time away. We ate food and traveled through the city together before our last stop at Bat Galim beach. Our trip ended with us waiting for our last bus to Harduf for over an hour and waving to all the cars and trucks on the road passing us by.

Tuesday, we were lifted to Tel Aviv by Lior and Tomer and spent the day there. The Aussie shnatties met with the Norah Telem shinshinim (Shnat Sherut- year of service participants) and ran a program for them before we all gathered together again to go for Simcha Torah at Kehilat HaLev.

Our night ended with us having dinner together at the Abu Dabi restaurant nearby, before getting picked up and taken back to Harduf.

And finally today, we worked for the last time in Gan HaBait (the garden near Kibbutz Harduf where we volunteer with the farm workers).


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