Netzer Olami is the global youth movement for engaging youth and young adults in Progressive and Reform Judaism. With 16 branches around the world, it strives to empower and educate youth and young adults with a meaningful Judaism that reflects their individual beliefs and values and forms the stepping stones for leading Progressive Jewish lives. 

Shnat Netzer is its flagship gap year program, operating for more than two decades for hundreds of participants from the UK, Australia, North America, Europe, Latin America, Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, and more. 

Netzer operates under the auspices of the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) which oversees and supports regional growth of Progressive and Reform Judaism around the world. Its Israel programs are also supported in part by Masa Israel Journey, a joint project of the Government of Israel, the Jewish Agency for Israel and its partners.

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Masa Gap Year programs offer college-bound high school graduates a year of valuable life experience before college, with Israel providing the perfect environment for them to explore their interests, identity, and future steps. Through a combination of academic coursework, volunteering, traveling, and an immersive experience in Israeli society, Fellows return home with the life skills to make the most out of their college experience. Learn more about Masa here.

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