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ShnUpdate- Tzuf 2.9.21

Weekly update by Ghaim Atash from South-Africa and Ariella Opat from Australia

The first half of this week the Australians spent our time building walls with mud, gardening and hanging out by the pool with the shoko boys (our friends who work in the shoko factory, as mentioned in the last update). We visited the shoko factory and spent time in Eilat shopping in the ice mall and Georgie bought new crocs which are one size too small for her! We are very sad to say bye to our Lotan friends but excited for what is next.

The first half of this week for the South Africans was spent on the last bit of our well needed break and travelling from our families to Lotan. Some took longer to travel than others to Lotan than others, with Julian only arriving after lunch. The second half of this week the Australians and South Africans United! It all started when Georgia and Belly were having a little shluf and heard the thunder storm of Ghaim’s 2 suitcases. They were instantly intrigued and ran to the room they suspected the sound had come from. With big smiles and inspired eyes they knocked loudly on the door. Ghaim opened the door all sleepy eyes (he too had been taking a nap) and the girls invited Ghaim for lunch. This was the start of true friendship.

As we all began to get to know one another, through cooking together, chilling together and playing mermaids together, the 3 day seminar on Lotan strengthen the Aussies bond with the three amazing South Africans (Jules, Ghaim and Em). We made some delicious food including but not limited to some beautiful focaccia, plenty of rice noodles and not enough pasta! We spent our last few days on Lotan appreciating the wonderful characters, the showers with a view and the compostable toilets.

On Wednesday, we started our day travelling from the north to the south at 5:30am with a stop in Eilat and a 3 hour stop in Jerusalem it ended up in Kibbutz Harduf at 6:30pm. We are so excited for the month we are about to have together on Kibbutz Harduf!


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