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ShnUpdate- Shnat Eucalyptus- 14.10.21

Shant Eucalyptus is the name the group chose to be called, and consists of- Shnat Tzuf South (AKA the Aussies)

Shnat Keren North (AKA the Brits and Dutch)

Shinshinim (AKA the Israelis)

Weekly update by Penelope Manard- Netzer Nederland

And with merry hearts and exciteable minds, the groups of the Netzer world finally came together in a whirlwind of confusion, relief and booze. Many a pub they went to and many a drink they had (that was allowed by the rules). Many a place did they walk and many a place did they see that had never before been seen. Many nights out on the street and stops at the shuk (market). There was many a vape amogst us which was at times very hard to ignore, but otherwise liveable with. We saw the whole of the Old City via a marvelous viewpoint where we were also made into the honorable knights of Netzer! We travelled the city as old as time itself, where we were able to see and touch the Wall of Wailing.

We ate many a ragulah and enjoyed the dancing with friends, as with every day that passed, we gained another friend. We walked many a mile over the week, including to the park and HUC this very day! We spoke of mental health with a caretaker of the mind and said farewell to our friends until Sunday. We hope to achieve even more with the next week as we were gifted with opportunities for good which will start next.


Weekly update by Thomas Brown- LJY-Netzer (UK)

Entering jerusalem was a difficult time for shnattim and shinshin alike. Not only for the northern hemisphere shnattim, who have been here for less than a week, but for the shinshin and ozzys who had to share a home with 16 other people who most they hardly knew.

The first days where very exiting exploring the shuk (market) and finding our feet in this amazing town, a place with new food and new cultures for the shnattim and also working out where we would sleep after our exiting days out exploring.

We did a game in the shuk to expand our confidences and knowledge and also visited the Western Wall together. For some it was there first time for others it wasnt. No matter how meany times you have been there, it was a meaningful experience for all shnattim. We also got to visit the old shnatt apartment, it was very nice seeing the messages that shnattim had left for us.

Shabbat Shalom!


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