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ShnUpdate- Tzuf South- 17.9.21

Weekly update by Emma Brooking, Netzer South Africa

This week was once again a short week because of Yom Kippur.

Sunday we once again went to gan habait, where we have done agricultural work before. This time we depotted dead trees and moved the alive ones to a new place. We then had a lovely breakfast there. In the afternoon we had a short activity for Yom Kippur, where we talked about the meaning of our names and about things we can do better in the new year.

Monday we went to gan habait again in the morning and had breakfast there again. In the afternoon we were given a tour of some of the other agricultural parts of the kibbutz, along with the rest of the people at Project 10.

We fed some chickens and collected their eggs. The chickens responded to the man in charge of thems whistling, which was amazing to watch. We then got taken to gan habait to cook dinner there. We split up into groups for the cooking, with some people making salads, some making pita, some making omelettes and one person making tahini. It was an amazing dinner.

Tuesday we went on a tour of the near by city of Shfaram. When we arrived the mayor saw us out his window and sent someone to call us to meet with him!

He talked to us about the history of the city and his goals for continued coexistence there. We then walked and visit the old castle, which we sadly couldn't actually see. We then walked through what used to be the market area, which is now sadly closed. After this we went to an area where there was a synagogue, church and mosque all in close proximity. We went inside of the synagogue and sat there for a bit. We then went to lunch and got amazing shwarma and falafel! Tomer and Lior then joined us there and for the rest of the afternoon back at Harduf.

At this point we all started heading off for our Yom Kippur holiday.


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