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ShnUpdate- Tzuf South- 23.9.21

Weekly update by Lola Gunn, Netzer Australia

This week has been one of tzufs’ favourite weeks so far, we branched out of Kibbutz Harduf and ventured out to Tel Aviv and Jaffa. We indulged ourselves in the culture, the food and the night life. Going to Shuk HaCarmel (open market) and trying to bargain with the shop owners, and sadly failing, or swimming in the beautiful warm Mediterranean waters at the beach. As well as this, our new friends from Harduf who come from all over the globe (Germany, Canada, different parts of Israel and America) joined us on one amazing night out in Jaffa. As we scootered along the beach, we made it to the markets in Jaffa and had a ball of a time with one another, taking our crazy energy from Harduf to Jaffa.

While a couple of our South African friends stayed at Harduf to relax and recoup while enjoying so much love from our favourite kibbutz pet- PC the cat, and sharing very funny updates and pictures with us the whole time, as we missed them.

After having a long and stressful trip home from Tel Aviv to Harduf, it was such a blessing to be back with one another again all in time to build the Sukka for Sukkot. Our Sukka consisted on a lot of rope, sweat, maybe some tears, a lot of palm leaves, colourful bright decorations and so much love. The Sukka made the night of Sukkot so magical, as we could enjoy and eat in our mini home that we all built together, while Faiz makes us do another circle.

As the Australians and South Africans get ready to leave harduf after Sukkot break, taking in all the little moments with everyone from Harduf and project TEN, is so special as the people we met here and the connections we have built will last a long time.


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