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ShnUpdate - Tzuf 17.06.21

This past weekend we split up a bit. Some of us went to Tel Aviv from Haifa and others either went back to Jerusalem or visited family. I went to my great aunt and looked after her tiny, tiny three week old kittens. Most of us returned to Kiryat Moriah on Saturday evening, and Jules arrived on Sunday morning.

On Monday, we had a laomek (an in-depth session) where we met with two Palestinians from different backgrounds. They talked to us about their views of the future of Israel/Palestine.

Apart from that, we had a mostly normal week of classes. However, on Tuesday we went to Masa Gap, a day of interacting with other English-speaking Masa programs, including Aardvark and Bnei Akiva, at the Hebrew University (and the view was beautiful!). The day was about our next step after this year. It was a bit disorientating to hear other South African accents since we haven’t heard them in a while.

A few of us ran a peula on technology and informal education this Thursday. We then went to the shuk. Josh took some of us on a walk to a falafel place that wasn’t where he insisted it was, and was in-fact in the shuk and not a 10 minute walk away.

Em, Netzer South Africa


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