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ShnUpdate - Savyon 06.09.18

This past week has been quite different compared to previous weeks of Shnat, as we as a kvutzah could not be more thrilled to be re-united with Tahlia and Sal. Upon their return we had a highly relaxing weekend of rest before jumping into our busy week.

Because the organization Michael and I have been volunteering at has taken their participants to Greece for the week (cough cough, would have liked an invite, cough cough) we had our compass’ set on new volunteering locations for the week. Michael volunteered at our local thrift shop, where he left with a full stomach of food, and a pair of crocs (still on the fence as to whether that was a good idea….).

I volunteered with Nathan, Leigh and Tahlia at Robin Food, a restaurant in the neighborhood of Hadar that takes food “waste” from local markets and uses them in a sustainable manner. I absolutely loved being able to have this experience and from the diverse range of customers, to the warm & loving staff, my week could not have been better. I definitely want to return to help them get their composting program underway too ;). Michael and Sal also set off to Neveh David, where they proceeded to give their first English class! A rewarding experience on both ends, and with more to come.

Our Chinuch day didn't lag the trend of an exciting week as we had yet another class with one of our favourite rabbis, Rabbi Leora Ezrachi-Vered, who gave a wonderful class on the mitzvot of the Torah. Also Greeted by the principal of the Reform Leobeck Centre, Rabbi Ofek Meir, we had an amazing tour of the Leobeck Centre facilities as were blown away by just how prevalent it was in opportunities and enthusiastic staff & students. A little birdy also told me that they are looking for their first female headmaster in the coming future… did someone say alliyah?

On Thursday, as the Rosh Shevua (head of the week), I decided to run a day surrounding the culture of Islam. With a talk and q&a with our local reformist Muslim congregation, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. With the knowledge now to draw similarities with our own progressive Jewish journey, you could say that it was nothing short of an enlightening experience. We then returmed to our flat, to have a program ran by yours truly, about the challenges faced by modern day Islam in Israeli society. Went a lot longer than I anticipated, but only because the enthusiasm towards the discussion refused to die down. I was Very satisfied with how the program went, and I cannot wait to bring it back to Netzer Australia.

As I am writing this now, it is a Thursday night, and most of the kvutzah is relaxing at home. After just having made a batch of cookies and brownies, our tummies are full, and we are now planning for this long period of chofesh ahead. I honestly couldn’t tell you what my next few weeks is going to look like and you could say that the lack of structure will be quite disorientating for shnat. However, I aim to take this opportunity to explore Israel and to continue the shnat journey with a clear and open mind.

Until next time, remember, two many brownies will make you feel sick when you have stare at a computer screen afterwards, just because the crocs are free, does not mean you should take them, and finally, when a new opportunity greets you, you never know what may come of it!

Bye for now!

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