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ShnUpdate - Savyon 24.05.18

Yet again, your beloved shnatties had a week full of adventure, laughter and inspiration.

Over the course of the shavuot chofesh, shnatties took the opportunity to travel around Israel, meeting family, friends and exploring the Holy Land. Some of us went to Kibbutz Lotan to visit our friends and experience the scorching desert. It was great to be there over shavout and Shabbat and to once again experience friday night dinner on lotan, and even though the heat was almost unbearable the opening of the swimming pool provided a much needed respite from the heat.

While some of the shnatties were spending time on kibbutz, others took the time to spend relaxing in Tel-Aviv on the beach.

With the end of Etgar nearly upon us the remaining lessons we had following chofesh were especially meaningful, as we began to have our last lessons with our educators. We concluded our fantastic sessions on hadracha(leadership) and on youth movements and politics. Over the course of these sessions, we were able to improve our hadracha skills and how to respond to difficult leadership scenarios and on the values of netzer and it's potential in realizing progressive social change. Thanks Naomi, Lisa and Adi for all your hard work in making Etgar so incredible.

Chag Sameach!

Until next time, Jack & Harley

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