ShnUpdate - Savyon 04.01.18

As I’m sure all of you last week were recovering from the excess of Christmas food and cheer, your favourite Shnatties were hard at work. Our new ‘routine’, starting work around 6 o’clock and working for 8 hours, continued as normal as 2017 came to an end.

On Wednesday evening, our lovely friends, the Israeli Shinshinim (and our very own Hebrew speaker Talia) led an Ivrit-learning session for it. !זה היה הכי טוב. As a group our Hebrew is improving day by day, not only from our sessions with Leah, the Ivrit teacher on Lotan, but also just by talking and listening to Shinshinim and other Israelis.

This week’s Shabbat was a particularly special one. An extremely talented musician from Jerusalem came to organise a Kabbalat Shabbat service which brought together musicians not only from within Lotan, but also some musicians from surrounding Kibbutzim. He was essentially the Gareth Malone of the Arava region. Your dudes Harley and Gideon played guitar in the service and the singing was led by the fans favourite Daniel Burstyn. It was a brilliant evening which brought together the whole Kibbutz and the Shnatties have learnt a few new tunes to take back to camp. Watch this space for next week’s Kabshab, which the Shnatties are running for the entire Kibbutz...

This Sunday was New Year Eve, but in Israel is New Year's Eve is something completely different than what we are used to. It's not a big deal here. After work we cooked dinner as usual and started to get ready so soon. We all have been excited. It was a great experience to celebrate into the new year with our new friends.

Monday, our Yom Hinuch, we started slightly later with a interesting session from Michael Livni about ourselves, Netzer and the dilemmas within it. After a great ma'amad we had a chat with Mike Nitzan. He is one of the first people who came to Lotan to build a kibbutz and a new community. We talked about the future of the kibbutz lotan and also about shnat.

Tuesday was a normal day of work.

But Wednesday was a day full with program. After 8 hours of work, we had Hebrew lessons. Class Alef will soon finish the complete alphabet and class bet was practicing their Hebrew skills.

The most interesting part was meeting Netzer Brazil. After a station rotation with playing games and dancing we had a lovely conversation about shnat, their movement and just life in general. The best thing was after the whole session a lot of people came to have face to face conversations with us and just get to know each other. Hopefully there will be a possibility to see them again 😉


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