ShnUpdate - Savyon 21.12.17

This week the Chanukah holiday ended with a fair to raise money for charity. We made shortbread (which was very successful given the short notice) and also sold dog walking and babysitting tokens. There was a nice dinner with the whole community afterwards. On the last night of Chanukah we lit the candles and had dinner and doughnuts, yum. There were also lots of Chanukah gelt and draidles.

On the chofesh Harley became a qualified diver and Jack and Alyssa joined him. Harley also went to a Kutz alumni event in Tel Aviv and enjoyed seeing friends and a lovely Chanukah dinner. Sima went to Eilat and also spent time with the Noar telem (which is the Isreali brunch of Netzer). Joe went to Petra with his Mum and Sam spent time with his family in Jerusalem. Emily and Taila made it to Tel Aviv after a quick detour, then were joined by Gideon the next day. They enjoyed going to the beach and your favourite jew-o went to the sauna and got matching robes.

Now we are back to work and getting back to the kibbutz routine. We are looking forward to running a Kabbalat Shabbat service and cooking for the whole kibbutz (let’s hope we don’t poison anyone) :)


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