ShnUpdates - Nof 13.10.17

(Taking from the IMPJ website – click on the picture for more information)

Sukkot in Israel is kind of school summer vacation for adults - Most of the offices are closed and people are moving from one family dinner to another, traveling and enjoying some time off the daily routine. This past week wasn’t any different for our lovely Shnatties on Lotan. After building the Sukkah and working a bit in the beginning of the week, they were enjoying the holiday on Kibbutz – participating in the cultural night in the Sukkah while singing some Australian songs, participating in a mud-bricks building and going to a cool Shuk (market) on Kibbutz Yahel and now – to a weekend!

Understanding that the end of Shnat is coming soon, the group has decided to run per led Peulot (activities) for the next couple of weeks, to talk about their returning home and what they want to do in movement together when they are back, a conversation that will lead us to Sikkum (summery) seminar less than a month from now.

Here you can see their weekly update –

As for us in the Netzer office, we are very excited to welcome Shnat Savion north this upcoming Wednesday here in Israel and can’t believe that Shant Nof is almost coming to an end.

Wishing you and your family a relaxing Shabbat,



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