ShnUpdates - Nof 04.11.17

As the Shnatties reaching the end of the program and dates season is almost over on Kibbutz Lotan, the spirits are a bit low and it’s a great time for Chofesh and “re-charging”.

Tonight we will celebrate the holiday of Sukkot and commemorating 40 years of Jewish wandering in the desert after the giving of the Torah atop Mt. Sinai. One of the tradition of sukkot is building a Sukkah, a small, temporary booth or hut and commonly used during the seven-day festival for eating, entertaining and even for sleeping. As dates season is almost over, our lovey Shnatties collected the dry dates leafs and built the huge Sukkah roof (Schach) for the whole Kibbutz.

On Monday I arrived in Lotan for Liat’s Bat Mitzva and I have to tell you, it was beautiful! Besides the lovely Shacharit and beautiful singing voices, it was lovely to see how they all took part in it together and made it so special. The most beautiful part was when Liat called Jason & Tilda for the second Aliya, the friendship on Aliya, and chose them as a symbol – her oldest friend and her newest one, symbolizing the meaningful friendship they have made.

After that service we all went to a festive lunch organized by the lovely Debbi at the “Tea House” on Kibbutz, obviously the Shnatties enjoyed the great food, we all know how food (and especially good food) easily makes them happy! :)

Welcome to check the Shnatties update on YouTube and hear everything from them -

Wish us all Chag Sukkot Sameach!


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