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ShnUpdate - Tzuf 06.05.21

there once was a group of eight

who’s gap year started quite late

in Israel at last

the days are going fast

here’s their latest shnupdate

the week began with a hike

dates on trees, not in yogurt how we like

we saw the solar panels

bumped in to some camels

then spoke about ecoprojects with mike

on Friday we went to get tested

For covid, oh how it’s detested

Had the day free

Spent time by the sea

then led kabalat shabbat as requested

Mark invited us to his house to eat

we sang and laughed, oh what a treat

we danced under the clear sky

Saw the stars up so high

the warm sand under Ghaim’s bare feet

as our time on lotan came to an end

we treasured our final weekend

we shared and we cried

didn’t want to say goodbye

to the kibbutz and all our new friends

Arriving in Jerusalem was weird

No compost in sight, as we’d feared

Lots of people around

No sand, just paved ground

Lots of adjustments but we’ve persevered

In our “chavura” we’ve played lots of games

To get to know each other’s names

We’re with some Brazilians

And also some Chileans

And spent time talking about our hopes and aims

This week lots has been new

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing what we’ve been up to

That’s it from me, Elisheva

But this isn’t goodbye forever

You’ll hear from us again very soon

Elisheva Landau-Pope, RSY Netzer


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