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ShnUpdate - Savyon 18.10.18

Last weekend was our third last free weekend. That’s really not a big or important milestone, but I needed something to say. Sal and I were both with family, Jess had a “glorious weekend alone” in the flat, Michael L was with his “Shnat family” in Tel Aviv, and Tahlia and Leigh went to a festival in the Negev called InDnegev, which was in the Negev.

Today (Wednesday), we went to a special Yitzchak Rabin memorial education program. We learned about Rabin’s life, his contribution to peace, and how this reflected Israeli society. It was particularly interesting because it was run by two Habonim Dror alumni who had made aliyah - we also got time to chat with them about their choices and lives. Don’t worry parents, it was brainwashing free! (we think)


“Volunteering at the dog shelter has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of Shnat so far. 9-14 more dogs get walked each day for every person who comes to walk them. The change in their behaviour from barking, whining and jumping around their cages before walks to being calm, happy and quiet after their walks makes all the bruises from being dragged by an eager dog into fences, chasing after dogs who slip out of their collars and being bitten by teething puppies more than worth it. Not only is it fulfilling to see the dogs so happy to be walked, the job definitely comes with benefits. My personal need to be around dogs in order to be happy is met, the other volunteers are the loveliest people and on Monday this week, Michael and I were even treated to half an hour playing with newborn puppies after our shift. All in all, it’s been a really special and meaning experience.” - Sal

Perhaps the most important, informative, and influential event of the week was Michael L’s acquiring of a second office chair to be friends with his first. The struggles of the bus trip home with the new addition to the flat was very entertaining for all. He did attempt to bring a third chair into our home, but that bus driver wasn’t having any of it. On the plus side, if anyone wants an office chair, there is one sitting at a bus station in Haifa - good luck!

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