ShnUpdate - Savyon 02.08.18

Last Tuesday us shanties hopped on a bus from Jerusalem to Givat Chaviva, for Noar Telem’s (Netzer Israel) summer camp chavayah. Our job as Tzevet Netzer or the Diaspora task Force as we were known, was to teach the kids coming on camp that they were a part of a world movement. We’ve run programs testing the kids knowledge on Netzer, teaching them different netzer traditions including some dances, getting them to write letters for kids who will be on camp in England and even a mini Vieda.

The camp environment has been amazing, the kids are full of energy and always happy to participate. Every morning and evening there are maamadim (creative prayer services) which are a great way to start and end the day.

Our Tzevet (staff) leaders Shai and Shachar have run great programs for us to end the day. These great programs cover a wide range of topics from ideology to Hebrew lessons. We even had the chance to run programs for ourselves.

Shabbat was incredibly special. The service was basically a concert on the grass, with many different instruments, making a beautiful atmosphere. This was followed by an outdoor dinner as a whole camp.

As I’m writing this, the color wars are raging on. The entire camp is split into either red or blue, fighting it out in a range of physical and musical competitions #GoBlue. This is a VERY SERIOUS event, so much so meals must be eaten in silence and the costume and sets used are full on. Jess and I can attest as we have spent hours painting for the best results.

Chavayah has been incredible and currently we are looking forward to our final shabbat before we leave camp on Sunday

From a sleepy Nathan signing off

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