ShnUpdate - Savyon 11.01.18


This last week for the Shnatties has been amazing. Thursday was a normal work day for us all.

Friday was exciting. Most of it was spent in doors as a windstorm blew past. Gideon and Harley led the kibbutz in Kabbalat Shabbat. There was much singing as we taught the kibbutz some new songs. Following the service was yet another wonderful Shabbat dinner in the chadar ochel.

Saturday was very relaxed. In the evening we all went to host families for dinner. It was really nice to not have cooked for ourselves and the company was good.

Sunday was the start of our last work week as well as our last week on Kibbutz Lotan. After finishing work for the day, the Shnatties met in the chadar’s kitchen where we prepared a meal for the entire kibbutz. We served pita with shawarma and got to work the deep fryer to make fries.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner with one of our madrichim to spend some quality time with him before we leave.

Wednesday was or last work day. Although we'll all appreciate waking up later than 5:30am, we'll miss the experience of giving back to the community. After work, we had our last Hebrew lesson with our teacher Leah. She's taught us lots and helped us prepare for situations in Tel-Aviv and our volunteering experience.

Although our time here is almost up, there's still lots to do, and we'll let you know all about the tears and the laughs next week. Lots of love, Alyssa and Harley

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