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ShnUpdate - Perach 12.03.20

On Sunday we had Shachrit which was run by Clem and Mia which was a stunning way to bring us into the week which we had ahead. We had some of our friends bring us the latest news and keep us up to date with the world. We followed that by an interesting conversation on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians which challenged our minds and made us think and that was followed by a hadracha session which we stated making peulot and adjusting them. We ended off our night with a calming session run by Cayla and a sing song sort of night which was run by Guy Morad. Tuesday morning we had a shacharit with the Klal Yisrael fellowship, a Progressive leadership program for young leaders of our c

ShnUpdate - Perach 05.03.20

It’s official! It’s been a full month of Shnat Netzer and just over a month since the southerners arrived and over 2 months since the northerners started their shnat experience on Shnat Netzer. It feels somewhat insane how quickly we’ve acclimated to our new environment living communally and how quickly we have learnt to live our whole kvutzah. This week has been especially interesting given the elections which was the major focus of this week. We started the week off with a roshei shavua led shacharit service before beginning full throttle with a somewhat overwhelming amount of information concerning Monday’s elections. Sunday was all about learning as much as possible as to understand the

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