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ShnUpdate - Perach 27.02.20

This week marks Netzer South Africa & Australia’s one month since arriving in Israel, and three weeks since having met our Northerners. To sum it up briefly, it has been an intense yet eye-opening month in which many lifelong friendships have been established. To start off our week, two of our northerners, Anna and Mia from the UK, ran a Shacharit for Perach where we expressed our appreciation for one another, leaving us with warm and fuzzy feelings for the day. It also reminded us how grateful we are to be experiencing this journey together. It was then followed by a yoga session run by Nyah and meditation run by Raquel to help us start our busy week with clear and refreshed minds. Our firs

ShnUpdate - Perach 21.02.20

As we (Noam and Isaac) come to the end of our roles as Roshei Shavua (head of the week), we take the opportunity to reflect on the past 7 days which saw the beginning of our regular classes with our wonderful and inspiring educators. At the end of last week all of us spent Shabbat either together or visiting family and friends around the country. Shabbat began with Ruth and Isaac running a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat service for the kehila, followed by a delicious Erev Shabbat meal of green risotto headed up by Clem. On Shabbat morning Jack and Noam attended shacharit at Kol Haneshama (a large Reform synagogue). We found the service beautiful, some of it feeling very similar to our own synago

ShnUpdate - Perach 14.02.20

In our second week of Shnat Netzer together as a Kvutsah we have continued to learn together and get to know each other through communal living in Jerusalem as well as a 3 day tiyul in the north of Israel. At the end of last week, we shared our first Shabbat together of Shnat Netzer as a kehilla, coming together through the beauty of Jewish ritual. Four Shnatties prepared and ran a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat service together for the Kvutsah at ‘Beit Dennis’ (the home of half the Kvutsah), those who led the t'filah took time before each prayer to share their thoughts or knowledge about it with everyone; since it was our first Kabbalat Shabbat together it felt important to put into context the

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