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ShnUpdate - Savyon 26.10.18

This week, as Savyon approached our final fortnight of shnat, the countdown began. It all began on Tuesday, when it was mentioned that we had about 16 days left. Reflection on the year ensued, as well as planning for our final days of the program. However, just as we started assuming that we knew exactly what would lie ahead for us, thinking that any unpredictable aspects of shnat were behind us, we found ourselves standing amongst a field of diaspora Jews, hollering (or as Jess would say, challah-ing) the lyrics of a bobby pop song-turned-choir arrangement as we attempted to follow the conducting directions of an unfamiliar, sassy, vigorously dancing man. But we’ll get more into that a bit

ShnUpdate - Savyon 18.10.18

Last weekend was our third last free weekend. That’s really not a big or important milestone, but I needed something to say. Sal and I were both with family, Jess had a “glorious weekend alone” in the flat, Michael L was with his “Shnat family” in Tel Aviv, and Tahlia and Leigh went to a festival in the Negev called InDnegev, which was in the Negev. Today (Wednesday), we went to a special Yitzchak Rabin memorial education program. We learned about Rabin’s life, his contribution to peace, and how this reflected Israeli society. It was particularly interesting because it was run by two Habonim Dror alumni who had made aliyah - we also got time to chat with them about their choices and lives.

ShnUpdate - Savyon 11.10.18

This week has been a pretty chilled out week for Savyon. We all starting to think a lot about going home and how we’re going to make the most of our time before we leave. On Sunday and Monday, we all went to volunteering as usual. Some highlights were Leigh doing a variety of painting jobs at Robin Food and Ha Gal Sheli, Jess running a salad-making workshop for a diaspora Israel tour group at Robin food and Sal starting dog walking at the RSPCA in Haifa. On Tuesday, we went with the Noar Telem to a primary school to announce an event aimed to recruit more chanichim to the movement that afternoon. We played games with the children and handed out flyers. After we finished, we went to the local

ShnUpdate - Savyon 04.10.18

This week has been a week of loss. Loss due to the amount of time spent on the toilet due to food poisoning (Nathan, Michael L and Michael S), loss of hair (Michael L and me) and the sad realisation of how little time we have left together (Michael S, Michael L, Jess, Tahlia, Nathan, Sal and me). This last week has mostly been taken up by chofesh. Sal and Jess went to Rishon LeZion to stay with their friends from habonim dror for 2 days and just hung out with everyone,went to the beach and had a really nice break. Then they spent 2 days in Jaffa, went to the beach and markets and met some cool people at the hostel that they were staying at. Then went to Tel Aviv and stayed with Nathan’s cous

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