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ShnUpdate - Savyon 30.08.18

We are starting to get into the rhythm of Haifa - the port, the mountain, the beach, the buses, and those really loud trucks that come past our window every morning. We have just come to the end of our second week of volunteering, and our third in Haifa, so I guess you could say we’re *note: insert Haifa pun*. We’ve started growing pot plants in the flat, and got our first mature plant, a chilli plant called Dug Jewdy, whose chillies have twice graced our taste buds. We spent our first kvutzah day (group day) in a very peaceful mood at the Bahai Garden, thanks to Nathan, which was a (literally) beautiful way to end the week. We learnt a lot about the Bahai religion, and the Gardens themselv

ShnUpdate - Savyon 23.08.18

This week I believe is the true beginning of our time in Haifa, we've all set off for the first part of our program that we undertake individually and for me that is very exciting. The flat in Haifa we’ve moved into is lovely and I’ve been able to cook almost every night with autonomy in the kitchen which is something I’ve been missing alot. With an intense week ahead I saw it fitting to escape to the mountains for a music festival but more on that later. This week I began volunteering with an organization called Nitzan, the organisation's aim is to provide a social sphere for high functioning adults with cognitive impairments from the ages of 18-75. My involvement so far has been planning e

ShnUpdate - Savyon 15.08.18

The beginning of Haifa takes us all the way back to our first opening seminar in Jerusalem. Exciting new sceneries, different faces and cultures, wild ideas of how we are going to run the house, hourly debates whether or not we go vegetarian and the stress of WHO IS GOING TO ROOM WITH WHO??! We have met our new madricha, Hila, who is so great, and has been introducing us to all of the incredible things that Haifa has to offer. We are super excited to get to spend our last few months with her. Our new apartment is located in a religious Jewish area, and is a quick bus trip to anywhere we have to go. Michael Leibowitz is currently in charge of ‘homecare’, writing up ridiculously organised clea

ShnUpdate - Savyon 09.08.18

This past week was nothing short of fun! With our final week of chavaiyah done and dusted, I can honestly say it was one of the most valuable hadracha (leadership) experiences of Shnat. Of course every part of Shnat has its limitations. Leading on an Israeli summer camp meant that our hebrew speaking skills were put to the test. We were certainly pushed far out of our comfort zones and really gained perspective on learning how to communicate in effective ways without having the english language on our side. I found this to be particularly challenging, as I am very vocal and not being able to do that with the chanachim (kids) was a struggle. Needless to say however, the perks of chavaiyah cer

ShnUpdate - Savyon 02.08.18

Last Tuesday us shanties hopped on a bus from Jerusalem to Givat Chaviva, for Noar Telem’s (Netzer Israel) summer camp chavayah. Our job as Tzevet Netzer or the Diaspora task Force as we were known, was to teach the kids coming on camp that they were a part of a world movement. We’ve run programs testing the kids knowledge on Netzer, teaching them different netzer traditions including some dances, getting them to write letters for kids who will be on camp in England and even a mini Vieda. The camp environment has been amazing, the kids are full of energy and always happy to participate. Every morning and evening there are maamadim (creative prayer services) which are a great way to start and

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