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ShnUpdate - Savyon 19.07.18

The entire GA woke up on thursday morning with sleep in their eyes, but excitement in their voices - that fateful day would be the last before presenting our permaculture design projects. After a class on worm composting, and eco villages, we were given our final time to work on our projects. As the afternoon wore on, the atmosphere became thicker and thicker with the pressure mounting (although part of that may have been the 40 degree heat). Tasked with designing a project that the kibbutz needs, we had been working on these projects for two weeks, in groups of about 3. Following a strict structure that had been bestowed upon us by our three permaculture gurus, Mike and Alex and Mark, we

ShnUpdate - Savyon 15.07.18

This week has been the last week of our time doing the green apprenticeship on Lotan and our second last week on kibbutz. For me personally it has been a week of reflection about the program , gathering cow urine for some nefarious purposes and working on an assignment we’d been given, previous shnatties have always spoken about their time on Lotan more than anything else in their year. At the beginning of this year our group was the first year to trial a brand new shnat program with the biggest change being instead of working on lotan for 3 months we would spend a month learning about permaculture with practical activities in the morning and in a bomb shelter that doubles as a library and

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