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ShnUpdate - Savyon 24.05.18

Yet again, your beloved shnatties had a week full of adventure, laughter and inspiration. Over the course of the shavuot chofesh, shnatties took the opportunity to travel around Israel, meeting family, friends and exploring the Holy Land. Some of us went to Kibbutz Lotan to visit our friends and experience the scorching desert. It was great to be there over shavout and Shabbat and to once again experience friday night dinner on lotan, and even though the heat was almost unbearable the opening of the swimming pool provided a much needed respite from the heat. While some of the shnatties were spending time on kibbutz, others took the time to spend relaxing in Tel-Aviv on the beach. With the en

ShnUpdate - Savyon 18.05.18

This week started on Sunday, the 13.05, we had a hinuch seminar. Every week we had a chavruta session to prepare a session. In Little groups we talked about topics which interested us. So we started the day with Nathan and Jack, who talked about the Frankfurt school and the dialectic of enlightenment. “We need to educate about antisemitism”,says Jack . After this followed a session about story telling and Judaism from Alyssa, Harley and Michael. We still have the song ,from this session, stuck in our heads "Oh am I rich" "Well no I'm not!" "But then again" "I've got shabbat" "Oh with the challah" "And the wine" "I love it then" "It's shabbes time" Ja bye bye bye bye bye The n

ShnUpdate - Savyon 10.05.18

This week we spent our last days with Zoë on Etgar. Zoë has been a vital component of our kvutza and it was very difficult for the group to say goodbye. In the last week he had one last trip away to kibbutz Lotan with yours truly, followed up by a goodbye party on Sunday night. Despite Zoë leaving the program she will remain ever present through the mark she has left of the group. It wouldn’t have been the same Shnat for us without you Zoë. We also had the lovely Leigh come back from her trip to England. Her return brought smiles to so many faces and we were all so happy to see her back in the flat and back with the group. We have also had some great sessions this week. Sophie bar, our gende

ShnUpdate - Savyon 03.05.18

Last weekend was a highly social one for us shnatties - we were forced out of the comfort of our lives in J-Town and ventured out into the scary and wild city of Haifa *gasps*. The visit was for a joint seminar with the Noar Telem shnat sherutniks (who are Netzer’s Israeli shnatties this year). While everyone was learning about Israeli-Diaspora relations on Wednesday, however, Nathan and Tahlia took a slight detour on their journey and attended an ANZAC memorial day event held at Mt Scopus, alongside politicians, Army representatives, some members of the Australian public, and other representatives of Australian youth movements. During the ceremony, they laid a wreath for the fallen soldiers

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