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ShnUpdate - Savyon 29.03.18

Savyon has had a great and ideologically-engaged week. It all began with Netzer’s Veida Olami (where representatives from all of the international branches of Netzer congregate in Israel to discuss the future of the movement) was held. Four of us were given the privilege to partake in all of the decision-making processes, and the rest of us were able to join the Veida activities on the weekend, including Shabbat events and ideological sessions. It was incredible witnessing the differences between all of the different branches, such as during the Kabbalat Shabbat run by Noar Telem (the Israeli branch of Netzer), a Shacharit Shabbat service run by LJY-Netzer (an English branch of Netzer), and

ShnUpdate - Savyon 22.03.18

Shalom faithful readers, This last week has been a change of pace from the usual Etgar schedule. This started with an excellent peula on Friday about base assumptions and the affects of this on how people perceive the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The weekend saw most Shnatties doing their own thing, and those who stayed in Jerusalem enjoyed a wonderful Navah Tehila service. Sunday was a practical exercise in our Hebrew skills when the Ulpan took us for coffee and art. We had a chilled and kef evening filled with awful but hilarious acting as the shnatties tried to play charades. On Monday their was an attempt to make sense of the human child. Wednesday we had the opportunity to listen to Li

ShnUpdate - Savyon 15.03.18

This past week on Etgar has been another eventful one. We were tasked with being anthropologists for a session by our wonderful madrich Rodrigo. Our mission was to uncover the purpose of people’s visits to the old city, and then dig deeper into the history of Jerusalem. Not all responses were positive, many people brushed past us. However, there was one couple that we couldn’t be rid of. The couple was composed of a Korean missionary and a Jew who were out to preach the gospel of Jesus. This led to a fascinating history discussion where the narrative that the old city had only ever belonged to Jews was deconstructed. While the Southerner’s were simulating the experience of being in a coffee

ShnUpdate - Savyon 08.03.18

We used to think Halloween was cool. But Purim took it to new heights (like parties on rooftops). And not only did it take us to new heights, it was also 2 days long! That's right! There's a better version of Halloween AND it's 2 days long! For 48 hours, it was as if all of Jerusalem dressed up and celebrated together! The first night, there was a huge pajama party in the shuk. The streets of the shuk were packed with lots of people in their PJs (drunk and sober), loud music, decorations and food. We've never seen any celebration like it. For the whole holiday, people were dressed up and throwing confetti everywhere on the streets. On the last day, there was a street party all day long that

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