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ShnUpdate - Savyon 01.03.18

As many wise past shnatties mentioned to us before we embarked on our Shnat journeys, “Shnat is a rollercoaster”. We guess they’re right, because we’ve certainly had our ups and downs. So to continue this analogy, this week has been the point of the rollercoaster where you are jolted around a corner, and suddenly, without preparation, have a photo taken of you - one that you look back on in future years and think, “we had no idea what we were in for”. We’re at that point of Etgar where we have just settled into our ride and look to the future with anticipation for the wild experiences to come. This week we all really settled into the flat, with everyone making an effort to live communally a

ShnUpdate - Savyon 22.02.18

The week began with us returning from our kvutza seminar near sde boker. We arrived back at the etgar flat and immediately started settling in and unpacking all of our things from our seminar away, we were also greeted to lots of groceries that had been bought by our lovely tsevet. Friday was a day for us to relax and explore with some people walking up to the shuk and exploring everything on offer in the pre-Shabbat chaos. Others went to a local shul; kol haneshama. People then regrouped for a lovely Shabbat meal made by our guest from England Jess baker. Saturday helped us relax, most people slept in, but a group of people walked to a nearby cinema to see black panther Sunday began our fir

ShnUpdate - Savyon 15.02.18

This week, Savyon Northerners met Savyon Southerners for the first time during our Shabbat Beyachad. Savyon Northerners came to Jerusalem from a month of volunteering in Tel Aviv and Savyon Southerners had just finished their opening Shnat seminar. It was a weekend of transitioning; from the previous parts of Shnat, from different places into the Etgar flat and from two kvutzot into one. Northerners and Southerners ran programs with each other for the kvutzah - prayer services, bonding programs, Shabbat services and Havdallah. The Netzer staff also ran bonding programs for us, Shnat goals programs and more. On Friday night, we went to the synagogue called Kol Neshama near Beit Shmuel and wer

ShnUpdate - Savyon 08.02.18

Shnat Savyon North Our last days in Tel Aviv have been amazing. At Ulpan, we had a graduation ceremony in which we had to present skits with the Hebrew we'd learnt in our time there. I didn't expect to learn that much Hebrew in just 3 weeks. It was a lot of fun, and I liked singing songs, playing kahoot, and trying to ask for candies at the shuk using my new skills. My volunteering at the special needs school inspired me a lot. The kids in my class opened my eyes and have now a little space next to my heart. I really appreciated the work which Ricky and Rosita (the teachers) do. They're passionate about the work and I hope I can use some of my experience for my future and career. On our last

ShnUpdate - Savyon 01.02.18

Greetings, fabulous friends, families and stalkers of Shnatties! Another week has passed, and life in Tel Aviv continues to be vibrant, just as we were starting to think “we’ve come on holiday by mistake!” Tel Aviv has recently been wetter than the stereotypes might have you believe, and on Thursday morning our street flooded! After wondering whether the situation was as biblical as it seemed, we decided to have a spontaneous pool party and enjoy the murky waters. It was, to the surprise of many, really really cold. We had a fascinating Yom Chinuch day after this. We started off the day with a mama'ad ran by Jack and netzer guest Jess, who told us all about their philosophical topics and iss

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