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ShnUpdate - Savyon 25.01.18

Shalom, The Shnatties have made it another week. This time our week was spent entirely in the wonderful city of Tel Aviv. We started Thursday with a tour of the city focusing on the disparity between north Tel Aviv and south Tel Aviv. After lunch, we participated in a wonderful Tikkun Olam session that was created and led by Sima and Joe. Then it was out and about the city for dinner. Friday was a very chill day. In the afternoon we had a lovely talk with the Rabbi of Beit Daniel which was followed by a kabbalat Shabbat service. On Saturday evening the Shnatties got so-called ‘woke’ and attended their first political protest of the year. Across the country, in various cities, thousands of Is

ShnUpdate - Savyon 18.01.18

This week was an especially busy one for the gang. It began with a reflective closing seminar about our time spent on lotan and how to go forward as a kvutsah. As part of the closing seminar, our wonderful madricha debboush plus shashu(a good dog) took us on a hike. Interesting geographical features were observed and many sparkling gems were found not including the shnatties. At the tea house a special jam session was organised and one of your very own shnatties sang with the different kibbutz members and volunteers. In our last session we looked back at the very first session we had with Debby, were we talked about our thoughts and emotions we had going into lotan and reflected on whether w

ShnUpdate - Savyon 11.01.18

Shalom, This last week for the Shnatties has been amazing. Thursday was a normal work day for us all. Friday was exciting. Most of it was spent in doors as a windstorm blew past. Gideon and Harley led the kibbutz in Kabbalat Shabbat. There was much singing as we taught the kibbutz some new songs. Following the service was yet another wonderful Shabbat dinner in the chadar ochel. Saturday was very relaxed. In the evening we all went to host families for dinner. It was really nice to not have cooked for ourselves and the company was good. Sunday was the start of our last work week as well as our last week on Kibbutz Lotan. After finishing work for the day, the Shnatties met in the chadar’s kit

ShnUpdate - Savyon 04.01.18

As I’m sure all of you last week were recovering from the excess of Christmas food and cheer, your favourite Shnatties were hard at work. Our new ‘routine’, starting work around 6 o’clock and working for 8 hours, continued as normal as 2017 came to an end. On Wednesday evening, our lovely friends, the Israeli Shinshinim (and our very own Hebrew speaker Talia) led an Ivrit-learning session for it. !זה היה הכי טוב. As a group our Hebrew is improving day by day, not only from our sessions with Leah, the Ivrit teacher on Lotan, but also just by talking and listening to Shinshinim and other Israelis. This week’s Shabbat was a particularly special one. An extremely talented musician from Jerusalem

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