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ShnUpdate - Savyon 28.12.17

Orit came to visit us this week, every time we see Orit or Raviv we feel uplifted seeing them as they bring their charm and tasty tasty snacks. Particularly, Orit brought krembos, a delightful Israeli treat not too disimaller too an m&s marshmallow tea cake. Just as important as tasty tasty snacks is the session we had with her on our Yom chinuch, which was an inspiring feminism mamad(service). Matt showed us around his allotment. Christmas was a treat because of Talia's( also Gideon and Jack) amazingly well planned session which included festive charades and hot choco. We have also started Hebrew lessons which have been highly engaging and have been helping us to connect with the lotan comm

ShnUpdate - Savyon 21.12.17

This week the Chanukah holiday ended with a fair to raise money for charity. We made shortbread (which was very successful given the short notice) and also sold dog walking and babysitting tokens. There was a nice dinner with the whole community afterwards. On the last night of Chanukah we lit the candles and had dinner and doughnuts, yum. There were also lots of Chanukah gelt and draidles. On the chofesh Harley became a qualified diver and Jack and Alyssa joined him. Harley also went to a Kutz alumni event in Tel Aviv and enjoyed seeing friends and a lovely Chanukah dinner. Sima went to Eilat and also spent time with the Noar telem (which is the Isreali brunch of Netzer). Joe went to Petra

ShnUpdate - Savyon 14.12.17

Shalom! We've continued to work this week, and are slowly getting used to the painfully early starts! The Kibbutz also celebrated the first night of Channukah together, with a communal candle lighting and a vast amount of donuts and latkes. There's more celebrations to come too, with a fare coming up, and all the money made going to charity. We had another fascinating session with Michael Livni about Tikkun Olam and intentional living, and he left with us with some open ended questions to consider. We're still busy wondering how we want the intentional community ideology to influence the rest of our lives! We're now fully moved in and settled into the apartment, which is quickly becoming a n

ShnUpdate - Savyon 07.12.17

Another lovely, sunny week has passed in the gorgeous south of Israel, down in Kibbutz Lotan! The Shnatties have experienced lots of new things this week. One of the founders of the kibbutz, Mike Nitzan, walked us around and explained how everything was just wasteland and rocks when they arrived. He told us how it came to being what it is today and we discussed dreams, goals and how to achieve them. We visited a friendly couple’s house in the evening. We chatted about how and why they came from California to live on Lotan and left the house feeling like we had even more friends and connections on the Kibbutz. Gideon, Joe and Sima led a hilarious session for everybody that included a game of

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