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ShnUpdate - Savyon 30.11.17

Shalom! One week on and the Shnatties are loving life on Kibbutz Lotan. We are now fully immersed in Kibbutz life and beginning to feel at home in the desert. We started the week on Thursday by going on a hike in the surrounding area. With a packed breakfast and plenty of ruach, we left the Kibbutz at 7:30 and walked until lunch. After reaching the army bunker at the top of a hill we sat down to admire the view, eat our breakfasts and took part in a Desert Island Discs session run by Emily and Gideon. Shnat Savyon may not be remembered for our aptitudes for sports or fitness, but we all managed to complete the hike, despite the heat. After a session from Mark on the ecological footprint of t

ShnUpdates - Savyon 23.11.17

Welcome back to the Shnat Savyon blog! We’re now a month into our program and we’re still having an incredible time! This week we’ve been settling into Kibbutz Lotan, making friends with the Shinshinim and the community. We’ve had a few sessions on Kibbutzim and communal living. It’s such a vast change in lifestyle to our normal lives and fully appreciating it and the reasons behind why everything is set up how it is takes some time. Lotan was one of the last Kibbutzim to be set up, and only recently went through privatisation, so almost everyone remembers the older ways it was run and the process/reasons for the change. Many of Lotan’s founders are still around, and we were given the chance

ShnUpdates - Savyon 16.11.17

Thursday marked our last working day on Chava ve Adam, we spent the morning stuffing cut up rubbish into plastic bottles to fill up the insides of our bench and doing some work on the frame of the bench too That afternoon we watched a documentary on ecology as a group and learnt a lot about different approaches towards ecology and what we can do to live more ethically, following this we had some down time to prepare for the farm party that we had later that night. Instead of eating at tables normally the eating area had been transformed into a dance floor. All the tables and chairs had been put to the side and we ate as a group on the floor. The farm party started a little bit after we ate a

ShnUpdates - Savyon 9.11.17

Chava v Adam has shown to us all an example of what a Kehilah Kedoshah (holy community) can be. The farm has continued to impress us all and the work has still managed to be rewarding and fulfilling. During olive picking on Thursday, we were given the opportunity to work in silence for the morning. While difficult to adjust to at first, the silence allowed us all the chance to think and concentrate greater on the task at hand. On Thursday night, we met and went out with the people from the German branch of Netzer who just happened to be visiting Israel at this time. We taught them some of the dances we do on camp in England and they taught us some of theirs. The weekend was a restful pause s

ShnUpdates - Nof 9.11.17

Can’t believe the moment has come and Shnat Nof is coming to an end. this week we were staying at a beautiful place on the beach called “Nachsholim” and summering up this great year on Sikkum seminar run by our lovey Mili, Jason & Louise. There is a lot to say about Shnat after 10 meaningful months in Israel. No doubt this year was full of everything – great knowledge, memories, new experiences, happiness, sadness, getting lost, finding yourself, falling in love, broken hearts, strong friendships, 10 shekels falafel, Memulawach and so much more. Spending time with them at these last five days made me so proud to see the people they have become. This seminar was planned and run by them only,

ShnUpdates - Nof 3.11.17

Can’t believe it’s almost the last update we are sending you! This week our lovely Shnatties joined a few AZYC and ZFA events, even our lovely south African Jason chose to take part of it (and tried to tell the other youth movements participants he is from Perth J). On Monday, The AZYC has come together with Kids Kicking Cancer Israel to help raise donation for the families in need to make sure the programs in Israel continue running as well as creating new centers all around Israel. The participants on all movements’ Shnat 2017 cycled the ANZAC trail to raise funds for Kids Kicking Cancer. The funds raised in this project will go towards helping Israeli children and their battle with cancer

ShnUpdates - Savyon 2.11.17

Shalom Horim (Parents), Hope you have been coping with the lack of children and updates over the past week. We are still on Chava ve Adam but we moved into yurts due to new groups joining the farm. The Yurts are permanent tents from Mongolia. The new arrivals on the farm are a group of Israeli school kids learning about ecological living. Speaking of ecological living, this week we learned how to pickle olives in a fermentation workshop, we've taken down walls and built more walls using various techniques including mud building and rock laying. We have also learned how to use rubbish to build furniture. Learning these new skills and ways of living has been fascinating for us Shnatties as it

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