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ShnUpdates - Savyon 26.10.17

What happens when six Brits, one German, one American and one Canadian meet in Jerusalem? Shnat Netzer! Welcome to our Shnat Savion 5778 Weekly Update! Each week, two Shnatties will try to encompass what we have done as a group in the past week and hopefully give you a flavour of what our 8-month adventure through Israel is like. The nine of us met for the first time in Beit Shmuel, where we stayed during our orientation, on Wednesday morning. Orientation was a week of bonding, laughs and looking forward to our future as a kvutsah (group), and it was fantastic to meet our wonderful Shnat director, Orit. We discussed our goals, both as individuals and as a group, had an enthralling 4 hour rul

ShnUpdates - Nof 26.10.17

This week we had a very special meeting – your lovely kids met the new Northerners Shnatties and created a whole day for them in Jerusalem! It was great! Not just because of seeing all of them together, but to see how your kids have changed, how well they took responsibility for the whole program and built is from a-z, I was really proud to be there and look how independent they were, how intelligent and what a great Dugma Ishit (leading by example) and leaders they became! The day started with some ice-breaking games followed by a huge scavenger hunt in all the great places the Shnatties love in Jerusalem! They even got free food in their favorite iconic Jerusalem book store + café, “tmol S

ShnUpdates - Nof 19.10.17

Only a few weeks have left for Shnat and as I mentioned in the past updates – we are trying to raise a conversation within the Kvutza (group) what it means to go back home regarding the movement and regarding their life in general, so the end of Shnat won’t come as a surprise. This week we have the pleasure to have Dudu, the Sidney Shalich, visiting the Shnatties on Lotan together with Sivan, the new shlicha who will replace Uri, Melbourne Shalich, in a few months from now. Dudu and Sivan ran a great peula (activitie) to the Kvutza about coming back to the movement in their home countries and the future of the Snifim (Netzer branches). As shant Nof is almost over, this week, the new Shnat Sa

ShnUpdates - Nof 13.10.17

(Taking from the IMPJ website – click on the picture for more information) Sukkot in Israel is kind of school summer vacation for adults - Most of the offices are closed and people are moving from one family dinner to another, traveling and enjoying some time off the daily routine. This past week wasn’t any different for our lovely Shnatties on Lotan. After building the Sukkah and working a bit in the beginning of the week, they were enjoying the holiday on Kibbutz – participating in the cultural night in the Sukkah while singing some Australian songs, participating in a mud-bricks building and going to a cool Shuk (market) on Kibbutz Yahel and now – to a weekend! Understanding that the end

ShnUpdates - Nof 04.11.17

As the Shnatties reaching the end of the program and dates season is almost over on Kibbutz Lotan, the spirits are a bit low and it’s a great time for Chofesh and “re-charging”. Tonight we will celebrate the holiday of Sukkot and commemorating 40 years of Jewish wandering in the desert after the giving of the Torah atop Mt. Sinai. One of the tradition of sukkot is building a Sukkah, a small, temporary booth or hut and commonly used during the seven-day festival for eating, entertaining and even for sleeping. As dates season is almost over, our lovey Shnatties collected the dry dates leafs and built the huge Sukkah roof (Schach) for the whole Kibbutz. On Monday I arrived in Lotan for Liat’s B

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