Shnat Netzer 2021 will feature extension programs so you can dive deeper into those issues that you care most about in Israel and around the world.  This is an optional extension where you can choose your program to add on for yourself (prices for the additional programs vary).

We are constantly expanding options for add ons, working with partner organizations or placing Shnattim individually. We invite you to work with us directly to build your experience and check our website for updates. 

For more information, prices and dates - Talk to us here!

Lead on Netzer Camps

Around the World

Serve as an educator (madrich) in one of Netzer’s Progressive Jewish summer camps around the world, including Germany, UK, France, Panama, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and more.


Details for our summer camp add ons vary from country to country.

Volunteer at a

Progressive Congregation 

Gain invaluable insight into our global movement while interning in one of the World Union’s 1,200 Progressive Jewish congregations around the world. Gain professional skills while meeting and experiencing the practices and people paving inroads for Progressive Judaism.


Internship details vary from country to country and congregation to congregation. We are happy to work with you to customize your experience. 

Green Apprenticeship

- Kibbutz Lotan

The Green Apprenticeship course is a four-week, intensive training program that comprises agricultural practices, building techniques in nature, alternative technologies and resources, community living and permaculture design. Participants choose their courses and training and are assigned a personal mentor to aid their integration and growth. Participants can also extend the program into a fifth week to focus on a specific skill or practice. Past projects completed by participants include: building a solar oven, designing and growing wooden container gardens; or erecting a simple mud structure.


Jewish Text Study at

Pardes Summer Program

The Pardes Summer Program offers a two- and three-week session, during July and August, for dynamic, interactive study of Jewish texts in a vibrant community of students from around the world. Dive into great Jewish books and ideas, experience how classic Judaism tackles contemporary challenges, and be inspired by leading rabbis, educators and thinkers. Every Tuesday, participants tour Jerusalem to and hear guest speakers. Social outings and Shabbat activities further bring participants together. Classes accommodate all levels of Hebrew and Jewish text study experience.


Tikkun Olam with

Project TEN

The Jewish Agency’s Project TEN is an international humanitarian aid program that runs volunteer centers in developing countries. Project TEN brings together young Jewish adults from all over the world to volunteer work with local communities and learn about international development and Jewish activism. The program embodies the values of Tikkun Olam while teaching Jewish leadership.



Current volunteer placements are in Ghana, Mexico, Uganda and South Africa.

First Responders with

Magen David Adom (MDA)

Become a certified MDA first responder and gain real experience on ambulances across Israel as part of Magen David Adom’s Overseas Volunteer Program. Join hundreds of young Jewish people from across the globe who have chosen to come to Israel and work side-by-side with Magen David Adom staff and volunteers. As a MDA volunteer, you participate in an intense 60-hour first-aid training course that covers material ranging from bandaging wounds to CPR and mass casualty incidents. The five weeks that follow offer a chance to put training experience into practice, from heart attacks to car accidents, in eight hour shifts in the city of your choice.

Masa Gap Year programs offer college-bound high school graduates a year of valuable life experience before college, with Israel providing the perfect environment for them to explore their interests, identity, and future steps. Through a combination of academic coursework, volunteering, traveling, and an immersive experience in Israeli society, Fellows return home with the life skills to make the most out of their college experience. Learn more about Masa here.

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